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There’s a time in every person’s life when they need to sit back a reflect on their life.  It could happen anytime.  It could happen while you’re at work, or at school.  It could even happen in your later years.  But, would you ever expect it to happen while playing a game on your mobile phone?


Well, that’s what happened to me when I chanced upon Pretentious Game by Bulkypix.  The fairly assuming title might be a drop-dead dealbreaker for some.  After all, it could easily be interpreted as the sort of obnoxious title desperately trying to make some form of misguided, “deeper” meaning.


So what did I end up with?  Well, Pretentious Game is a deceptively simple platform game with levels that are simple in appearance.  However, the rules change for each level and force the player to think outside of the usual platforming box, in order to reach their goal.  To make matters worse, the only indication that something has changed is usually a single sentence written on the screen for the player to decode.  Personally, I didn’t have all that much difficulty working it out but I can see how the game could potentially get much trickier.

screen568x568 (1)

Story-wise, it’s a bit difficult to tell.  On the one hand, the simple graphics leave a lot to the imagination.  With simple annotations left for the player to read, it could be assumed that the shapes on the screen are representative of characters in some way.  But then again, it’s all up to the player’s perspective.  While the notion of leaving things to imagination of the players is not exactly unique to games, it’s not something that’s been seen very often, recently.  The closest comparison that I can draw to this, would be Thomas Was Alone.  However, they both achieve their objectives in subtly different ways.

screen568x568 (2)

Ultimately, Pretentious Game is a sort of game that has a message.  However, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and seems to place its message at the forefront without attempting to shove it down the player’s throat.  It can definitely spark your imagination and get your mind working a little.

Try it for yourself! It’s available for free on the App Store and on Google Play, with additional levels (which I’d love to try) available for purchase.


PanzerSG is a gamer, modeler and animator-in-training. Supporting the Indies, whenever and wherever possible.  Also is very active on Twitter: @PanzerSG and runs a YouTube Channel: PanzerSG Gaming.



Imagine Nations is a first-person civilisation simulator game, made by Catbanana Studios. They are currently on Kickstarter here:

Download the demo and try for yourself:


Video Preview, Click Here!


This limited demo is from a early alpha version of the game, any and all content is subject to change and is not representative of the final product. Any views expressed are my own and do not represent Catbanana Studios, Kickstarter or any other entities.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my life as a gamer thus far.  And, it’s strange to say, but I’d love to go back to the beginning sometime and relive it all again.  I guess that’s what developer, Francois Grenier, thought when he started work on Retro World.


Retro World attempts to bring back the joyful days of gaming as a child.  The game is set in a parallel universe where video games are able to come to life.  The player plays the role of a young child and lets you experience the evolution of thirty years of gaming.  As you’d expect, the game features consoles from a bygone era, arcades and even, Pong.  All beautifully detailed in retro, pixel-art, 2.5D glory.


The gameplay is styled after action/adventure role-playing games, however, you get to play so many well-detailed games (within the game) that it’s hard to keep track of exactly what genre it fits into.  These games are all incredibly detailed and not simply mini-games.  You can try out clones of popular games like Space Invaders and many more.  Some of these even feature multiplayer functions that actually work!


Retro World also features many interesting characters that the player can interact with and they all play a variety of roles.  Some characters can give you tips on the latest games, rumors or even just joke with you, while others still, might try to sell you bootleg copies of games.


As the story progresses, players will bear witness to the technological advances in gaming.  This includes everything from hardware to graphics improvements.  In addition, the player will attempt to solve the mystery of what is making the games come to life.


I’m a gamer at heart, and always will be.  And, I don’t know about you guys but this looks fantastic.  Retro World is currently on Kickstarter and could really use some support.  Check it out now!



PanzerSG is a gamer, modeler and animator-in-training. Supporting the Indies, whenever and wherever possible.  Also is very active on Twitter: @PanzerSG and runs a YouTube Channel: PanzerSG Gaming.