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Imagine Nations is a first-person civilisation simulator game, made by Catbanana Studios. They are currently on Kickstarter here:

Download the demo and try for yourself:


Video Preview, Click Here!


This limited demo is from a early alpha version of the game, any and all content is subject to change and is not representative of the final product. Any views expressed are my own and do not represent Catbanana Studios, Kickstarter or any other entities.


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my life as a gamer thus far.  And, it’s strange to say, but I’d love to go back to the beginning sometime and relive it all again.  I guess that’s what developer, Francois Grenier, thought when he started work on Retro World.


Retro World attempts to bring back the joyful days of gaming as a child.  The game is set in a parallel universe where video games are able to come to life.  The player plays the role of a young child and lets you experience the evolution of thirty years of gaming.  As you’d expect, the game features consoles from a bygone era, arcades and even, Pong.  All beautifully detailed in retro, pixel-art, 2.5D glory.


The gameplay is styled after action/adventure role-playing games, however, you get to play so many well-detailed games (within the game) that it’s hard to keep track of exactly what genre it fits into.  These games are all incredibly detailed and not simply mini-games.  You can try out clones of popular games like Space Invaders and many more.  Some of these even feature multiplayer functions that actually work!


Retro World also features many interesting characters that the player can interact with and they all play a variety of roles.  Some characters can give you tips on the latest games, rumors or even just joke with you, while others still, might try to sell you bootleg copies of games.


As the story progresses, players will bear witness to the technological advances in gaming.  This includes everything from hardware to graphics improvements.  In addition, the player will attempt to solve the mystery of what is making the games come to life.


I’m a gamer at heart, and always will be.  And, I don’t know about you guys but this looks fantastic.  Retro World is currently on Kickstarter and could really use some support.  Check it out now!



PanzerSG is a gamer, modeler and animator-in-training. Supporting the Indies, whenever and wherever possible.  Also is very active on Twitter: @PanzerSG and runs a YouTube Channel: PanzerSG Gaming.


It’s a jumping spider! More specifically, a jumping spider named Cid.

So, the story goes that scientists, working for a large and secretive corporation, were toying around with genocybernetics on insects and arachnids, when one of their experiments mysteriously escapes.  One by one, the scientists begin to die from strange bites. One day, an ordinary jumping spider named Cid (on one of his fly-chasing escapades) found himself in the lab.  The last surviving scientist in the lab, seizing the opportunity, injects Cid with a mysterious serum that grants him special new abilities.

Can Cid master his new abilities and survive the bug-infested labs and escape? Or will he fall prey to the mysterious and deadly creature that killed all the scientists?

On the outset, Jumping Spider looks to be your typical puzzle platformer.  However, there’s a twist.  Since you play as a spider, you are able to make use of things such as wall-climbing and worms-ninja-rope-style web line swinging to make your way across the level.

Developer, Eric Newland, wrote on Kickstarter:

Touch. Swipe. Multitouch. Or, if you prefer, click, drag, and doubleclick. You might have noticed that this makes the game mobile-friendly without the need for an onscreen “gamepad.” Aside from a couple of activated powerups, every command in the game is some sort of tactile interaction with the game environment itself, the effects adapting to your situation.

And, that pretty much sums up the way the game is played.  As one might imagine, playing a platform game is always tricky when it comes to control setups.  Especially, when the game calls for extremely precise movement.

Such is the case with Jumping Spider.  Since the game features calculated physics simulation, the player does need to have controls that allow for precise movement.  Especially, if the game is also on mobile.

Newland calls his game “mobile-friendly” and that’s going to be one of the strongest points of the game.  I’ve personally played, and enjoyed, many platforming games on mobile devices but they’ve all had a common trend.  They featured clunky on-screen controls that either took up too much space or simply didn’t allow for the type of feedback required to play tricky platformers.


Jumping Spider avoids using on-screen controls and instead opts for full touch support for mobile devices.  Aside from the usage of a few abilities, players will simply touch where they want to go.  Jumping is even done by simply touching and dragging, similar to the catapults in Angry Birds.

All in all, the game has a lot of potential and already has a lot to offer.  The sheer number of levels and enemy types (all based on actual RL bugs, eep!) that are slated to be available upon release are astonishing, to say the least.  Certainly, not bad for a one-man team with a family to support.

More information about the game can be found on their Kickstarter page.  Smallest backing is only $1, so please support this and share it as much as you can!

Also, check out the playable demo!

PanzerSG is a gamer, modeler and animator-in-training. Supporting the Indies, whenever and wherever possible.  Also is very active on Twitter: @PanzerSG and runs a YouTube Channel: PanzerSG Gaming.


Elite: Dangerous is a title under development by a company called Frontier Developments.  You can check out the main site here.  What it appears to be from the trailers I’ve seen is a space combat simulator with beautiful visuals and a sound track by Erasmus Talbot.

This title is the supposed spiritual successor to the original Elite (1984) and three other titles previously produced.  If you’re reading this, and you haven’t heard about any of the other titles, well, there’s a good reason for that.  The last title in the series, First Encounters, was released in 1995.

It seems that by 2005, with the exception of a few Star Wars titles and Eve Online, the space combat/sci-fi genre had slowed down somewhat.  I thoroughly enjoyed games like Freelancer where the whole world was your bounty and you could spend literally all day dogfighting with pirates in the asteroid belts.

You can imagine my disappointment when I started playing Eve Online and found that it was a much slower but, nevertheless large scale, naval combat simulator.

Now the giant that is Eve Online is coming under threat from two seemingly similar but nevertheless compelling titles, Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen.  Both promise space combat with the same ferocity as titles of yesteryear such as the original X-Wing.  In the case of Star Citizen, they seem to be going for Eve‘s throat with a multiplayer that promises to be just as expansive.

The similarities between these two titles goes deeper than just their graphics and gameplay.  Both Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous were, and still are, Kickstarter projects being backed by huge sums of crowd-funding.

Since 2012, Elite: Dangerous, until the time of writing, has received £1,866,566 in funding from its backers.  This is compared with Star Citizen‘s funding, which at the point of writing is almost US$19 million.

At this point, there isn’t enough known about either of these two titles to draw a definite conclusion.  But one is for sure, there’s a storm brewing.  When both of these titles launch, there will be war.

Watch the trailer here.