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Just a quick update for all of you guys.  I’ve realised I might have neglected to update this page recently since a lot of things have been happening.

Where do I begin?

Well, first up.  My YouTube Channel is growing nicely and I’m very happy with it.  I’m now more comfortable making videos and I’m settling into a workflow pattern which I am comfortable with.  So, content on my channel should be fairly regular.  Even, during the holiday periods.

Twitter is growing nicely as well and I’m still (as always) using it to promote Indie projects and games, wherever possible.  Also, making use of it to really make some new friends and share experiences (more on this, another time).

I also have another blog up and running which is for more personal stuff.  I call it ThinkTurret.  This is just a place where I put my random thoughts and personal ramblings.  If you’re interested, check it out.  Since this page is very much a gaming page only, I figured I needed somewhere else to pen (or type) down my thoughts as and when I have them.  It’s definitely not going to be as frequently updated but I’m sure some of the ramblings may be worth a read.

So, where am I headed in future? Well, still got long ways to go with improving how I work as a YouTuber as well as many more projects (including a possible graphic novel in the works, next year).  So, definitely jam-packed schedules ahead and I’ll be looking to hit the ground running, come January.

As always, stay tuned!