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So, if you’re like me and you have absolutely no coding ability whatsoever but are still interested in making your own mobile games, then you better keep your eyes on this project.

Here’s some of the key features straight from the developer’s mouth:

  • Very simple drag-and-drop system that allows you to add anything from 3D models, animations, maps, textures, music, sounds and more to the game space.
  • Absolutely zero programming knowledge required to start making full release games.
  • Update changes to your game on attached mobile devices in real-time!
  • Cross platform capability with iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry or even, Tizen.
  • Games created will be fully compatible with versions on other operating systems. Players can play with each other, no matter what they use.
  • Full Open-source Game engine, for those with programming skills to tinker with.
  • Integrated motion capture, on the way too.
  • Entry-level program is FREE!

Sound too good to be true? Check out their video teaser here!

editing on mobiles concept

As you may or may not know, it’s a dream of mine to be a game developer one day.  However, as much as I tried, I could never get my head around computer languages or mathematics.  I always found Photoshop and 3ds MAX to be easier than Java, C++ or even Visual Basic.  Talk to me about brushes and filters, sure.  Leave out the queries and loops.

So as you can imagine, something like this sounded almost too perfect.  In fact, I was initially very skeptical.  I was thinking that maybe you don’t need to code in order to start, but maybe you need it to finish making a game.  It just seemed to me that maybe certain actions that you might require for making a proper game would need scripts to be written.  However, there is a fairly extensive amount of library content for you to pick up and use and they are fairly easy to modify once you get the hang of it.  There are also gamepacks available for purchase or as part of bundles that contain loads of models, sounds, and other assets that users can use in their games.  All the stuff is also royalty-free, so no need to worry about hidden hooks here.

Once you’ve made your game, then what? Well, this is more than just a program.  It’s a service.

In addition to providing internet connections for online asset storage and real-time updates, the developers will also assist you to publish (and even, sell) your game on the app stores and distribution centers of the various mobile platforms available.  Perfect for newbies (like myself) and students.

In fact, the developers have also stated that they recognise the potential of this program as an educational tool and are interested in providing PLAYIR as a teaching aid in schools.  Kudos to them, then.

working with kids

However, they also feel that this project is far from complete.  While it’s available to use right now, they want more features to be implemented.

They currently have a campaign running on indiegogo that’ll help raise funds to add more features to PLAYIR.

These features include:

In addition, funds raised will also go towards hiring more artists to create more royalty free art for users to play with.

Smallest contribution is only $1 so tell your friends and support this project!

PLAYIR Games 500px

Ultimately, if you’re a gamer, you probably had that one moment, at least once before where you thought to yourself, “Hey, that’d make an awesome game.”

Well, put that to the test.  Because after all, it’s all about the game.


PanzerSG is a gamer, modeler and animator-in-training. Supporting the Indies, whenever and wherever possible.  Also is very active on Twitter: @PanzerSG and runs a YouTube Channel: PanzerSG Gaming.


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