Random Thoughts… [21st Oct, 2013]

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Gaming, Updates & News
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Hi there,

I’ve come to realise that since I haven’t got much in the way of gaming to talk about this week so I’ve decided that I’m actually going to do some actual blogging on here too. This is just something I’m going to do every once in a while when there’s no games to review or no big news to comment on.

Right, on with it.

So, this past week has been rather interesting. I’ve just started a new job, working at a Steakhouse near home.  This is not the sort of thing that I’ve done before nor is it something that I would’ve ever thought of doing.  But since I’m also studying right now, I do need a form of income to support myself and my various addictions (read: gaming budget and leave it at that).  But yes, waiting on tables and clearing plates is what I do for money.  It’s not glamorous but hey, it’s sort of fun.  Even if it is a bit tiring.

There’s also been some developments online too.  I’ve recently participated in my first online get-together with a bunch of YouTubers.  We played Terraria and there were so many of us (I believe there were about 10 or so) that it was absolute chaos for the most part.  Zeckpressstart did his best to moderate us but it was just so much chaos.  (Check out his channel here. The video should be there of that game, eventually).  It was definitely enjoyable, even if “somebody” destroyed the house FoxyFauna and I built 😦  But, definitely it was one of the most fun online gaming sessions I’ve had and hopefully, next I’ll actually have my recording software started up to capture some of it.

Yes, it was that much fun that I actually forgot to record any of it.

On that note, I’d like to give a special mention to all of these awesome people who were there.  Links to their channels included!







UnderInspired Games

Smax Gaming

Check out all of these guys, they’ve got some great content that’s definitely worth your time and attention.

What else is new? I’ve recently purchased Garry’s Mod.  It’s an interesting thing.  For just $9.99, you get a game that comprises many other games and content made by users for free.  Of course, it started off as something of a sandbox physics simulator for people to create loads of random nonsense with all the tools included.  But now, it’s also become an avenue for modders and budding developers to create whole new games from.  Ever heard of Prop Hunt? or Trouble in Terrorist Town? Both of these have been making waves through the YouTube gaming community and they aren’t full retail titles.  They’re free gamemodes made with Garry’s Mod.  Simple as that.  Amazes me that community content creators for some games can really show up some of the big developers, simply by going back to basics and creating something that is fun.  That’s really all you can ask from for a game at the bare minimum.  A game can have poor graphics.  A game can have bugs.  A game can be made from old tech.  But, if a game is fun.  Then that’s all you really need.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a well-made game.  The thing I don’t like is the stance that many of the big developers in the industry have taken where they focus on things like technology and graphics so much that they sometimes forget about the core elements that make a game.  Objectives, obstacles, challenges, and ultimately, fun.

Well, that’s all from me for now.  Be sure to check out my channel on YouTube and if you have any questions, thoughts or feedback, let me know in the comments.


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