Tactical Intervention, Counter-Strike’s estranged “Spiritual Successor” released!

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Gaming
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Check out the first impressions video of the game, available here.

Tactical Intervention is a free-to-play first person shooter developed by Fix Korea.  Apparently, the original creator of Counter-Strike Minh “Gooseman” Le, moved on and went into game development on his own.  And this is his product.

At first glance, the game seems like a pretty generic F2P FPS.  From what little information you can gain from their fairly vague website, there’s the usual things to expect from any other title in the genre.  There’s a progression system and economy of sorts and players are able to use their earnings to buy some customisation.  So, inevitably, there are ‘boosts’ available on the market that’ll help the player get their lusted after digital goods much faster.

Aside from this, the game interface and lobby system are pretty straight forward.  Menus are reasonably easy to navigate with a couple of annoyances with some of the actual buttons.  Interestingly, they do provide useful hints in the options menu that display before you change anything.  This is especially really useful for players who are new and unsure of what all those graphics options actually do.

Finding a game is relatively easy.  Players simply go into the multiplayer menu and you will see a list of servers.  There’s servers in the US, EU, Russia and Asia and you can connect to any of these without using different profiles or clients.  Once in, you simply search for a game, or create your own.  Private matches and full game customisation options are available and you do not need to own a server to create your own game.

Next up, gameplay.  The game modes vary and they are divided into two sections.  First, you have the Team Deathmatch mode and then there are mission modes.  Team deathmatch is everything you’d expect and there are a good selection of maps for a start.  Mission modes are interesting and they hark back to the original Counter-Strike game modes.  There’s bomb defusal, hostage rescue and a VIP Escort mode.


Guns feel particularly meaty and have a lot of kick behind them.  This is good.  There are SMGs, Assault Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns.  They all feel very powerful to use, including pistols.  Shotguns, have a lot of kick behind them and a headshot usually kills.  In fact, the enemy’s head usually (literally) comes right off.  SMGs vary in use and they all feel powerful enough.  The only gripe I have with this, however, is that pistols can seem to have too much recoil and it can be difficult to compensate for, initially.  I found myself firing particularly slowly with the default pistol just because the screen kicked up so much.  The main thing about the weapon usage is that there isn’t so much in the way of spread but more vertical and horizontal recoil.  It can get quite disorientating at times when the weapons kick a lot and recoil patterns become hard to distinguish at first.

Thankfully, there’s no such thing as AWP-whoring anymore since sniper rifles cannot be selected as a primary weapon.  Instead, teams are allocated a specific number of snipers and the player is randomly selected.  In the brief period that I’ve played this game so far, I haven’t had the privilege of using them yet.


Graphically, it won’t blow your mind just yet.  The graphics look good, for sure.  But it’s nowhere near any of the high graphic intensive games you might see right now such as Battlefield.  Particularly, the textures on some of the walls aren’t very good.  Models for the guns, however, are nicely detailed and most of their animations are good quality.  That being said, the melee attacks for some of the weapons do have fairly lackluster animations.

But, is it any fun when all is said and done? In a word, yes.  I quite enjoy this game and it does have potential.  Sure, it’s free to play and there are microtransactions available for just about everything in there but none of it is entirely necessary to buy.  I’ve yet to see a player in the game that has fully paid for equipment that far outstrips anyone with free gear so far.  But, in all honesty, it does bring back some of that visceral feel that older shooters had.  Is it a sequel to Counter-Strike? No. But it does feel like something Counter-Strike could have been all along.

Tactical Intervention is a free-to-play first person shooter developed by FIX Korea.  It’s currently available on Steam and does show promise.  Check it out here.  I’m planning to do a full review in future once I’ve played more.  Let me know what you think of this game in the comments!

TL;DR? There’s a first impressions video of the game available here.

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