The Long Dark

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Gaming
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“What if all the lights suddenly went out? That technology that mankind so heavily on, suddenly disappeared. How would life be? What would you do to survive?”

Those are the questions that Hinterland Games Founder and Creative Director, Raphael van Lierop, asked when Hinterland Games created The Long Dark.

The Long Dark is an upcoming first-person post-disaster survival simulation set in the Northern wilderness.  It aims to challenge the mindset of the comfortable man.

As a person heavily ‘wired’ into today’s tech and social media outlets, I can’t help but wonder, sometimes, if we are becoming too dependent.

The Canadian developers at Hinterland clearly were thinking the same thing.  The Long Dark thrusts the player into the frozen wastes of the North and forces them to fend for themselves. Nothing like a hard lesson, huh?

In addition to simply surviving (a hard enough feat as it is), the player will also have to make many morally challenging decisions along the way.  In your quest for your survival, you will also come across other survivors whom you may choose to help or harm.  Bearing in mind that you cannot immediately tell what their motives may be, the player must make a choice.  Kill this stranger and take what they have, or help them out and risk them taking advantage of your kindness.

All challenges aside, though, they also aim to build an enormous open world for the player to explore.  Picture vast landscapes with mountains, streams, dense forests and even wildlife roaming around, and you have a decent enough view of what Hinterland Games hopes to create.

Presumably, this may well have very high replay value as the player can always start over and challenge themselves again.

Personally, there’s nothing that breaks an immersive open world experience more than huge amounts of scripted events.  I hope that Hinterland takes the cue here and tries to create as dynamic an experience as possible.

But, one can only hope.  And, with The Long Dark still under development, this is a hope that can hold strong.

This is a title well worth waiting for, and they’ve done a good job so far building it up.  The trailer alone is what’s hooked me in.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out.

And, when this title launches, will you be ready for the silent apocalypse?

The Long Dark is currently under development by Hinterland Games, based in Canada.  Hinterland Games is made up a lot of industry veterans with tons of experience in game development.  They have a very promising looking Kickstarter campaign running right now until October 16th, so pledge if you are able. Check out their main site at


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