Blog update!

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Updates & News
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So, I’ve just been reading some of my older posts and I came across my old checklist.  Now, this isn’t to say that I’m throwing it out completely but I have to say that I may not be getting around to some of those things until much later.

Why? Well, for some it’s the lack of actual news for the time being. Games like Battlefield haven’t got much for the time being to talk about. Also, I have to say that I’m definitely getting a (little) bit sidetracked by amount of other cool happenings in the gaming world right now.

I will from time to time drop in to tick off some of those things from the list, but for now, it’s whatever is “hot” right now for me.

If you’re keen to stay up to date on what I’m following right now, look for me on twitter @PanzerSG and I’ll keep you up to date on whatever’s happening.

Stay tuned!


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