SUPERHOT breaks Steam Greenlight speed record!

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Gaming
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A record-setting breakthrough for indie developer Blue brick last week as they saw their title, SuperHot, get the green light on Steam’s developer platform Greenlight in a shockingly quick five days.

This makes SuperHot the fastest game to ever be greenlit on the platform so far.

However, a big challenge now lies ahead for the developer.  In a post they made on Steam, the devs say “…ahead of us lies an even greater task – right now we have to make this game happen.”

What they are planning for this title still remains to be seen.

SuperHot is a first person shooter at heart but with an interesting mechanic that slows down time when the player stands still.  Since the player can only take a single hit, the challenge is in making use of the time mechanic to dodge incoming projectiles and land those critical shots on the enemy.

As far as I know right now, However interesting the mechanic may be, it still does not allow for limitless expansion.  So we can only wait and see if this title will turn out to be something that brings the genre to a new level, or will it simply be a fun, but one-note songbird.

I wish Blue brick all the best with this title.

If you have no idea what SuperHot is, check it out here at:


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