Sony to make Deep Down free-to-play!

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Gaming
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Sony’s move towards the free-to-play market may have already been punctuated with titles such as Planetside2 but, in a tweet by the company’s president Shuhei Yoshida, they are looking to extend that influence to the console market as well.

Yoshida confirmed last Friday on twitter that the Playstation 4 exclusive title, Deep Down, will also be free-to-play.  Much to the disgust of many of his followers, to be sure.

Deep Down is supposedly set in New York around 2094 and has been described as a “memory-reading” RPG.

As far as free-to-play goes, this is a big step in the right direction.  We are all familiar with the caveats and traps of traditional “free-to-play” titles, particularly those on mobile platforms.

So, it comes as no surprise then that many gamers as crying foul at such a move from publisher, Sony.

Personally, if we look at Planetside2 as an example, there doesn’t to be anything really wrong with such a model.  Cash only items are limited to such things as premium accounts, boosters and cosmetic items.  Weapons and equipments are available for in-game currency.  Upgrades to characters can only be done exclusively through in-game currency.

Furthermore, Deep Down is supposed to feature procedurally generated levels so monetization options will need to get a little more creative for this title.

Overall, as an advocate of free-to-play, I’m definitely backing Sony on this move.  I trust that they know how to do this right.

Deep Down is an upcoming free-to-play title coming exclusively to Playstation 4.  Check out the trailer and watch their site for news!


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