Cowboys and… Vampires?

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Gaming
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Many may say that this is Red Dead Redemption’s bastardised and mentally-deficient cousin.  But, if RDR isn’t coming to mobiles, this may be the closest thing to it.

Six-Guns is a third person, open world western shooter developed by Gameloft and released in 2011 for Android and iOS.  In April this year, it was released for Blackberry 10 as well.

As mentioned above, Six-Guns is a western styled shooter.  You take control of a guy named Buck.  He’s just woken up hungover in the middle of the desert.  He then makes his way to a small homestead where a young (and well-endowed) woman is being harassed by bandits.  Buck quickly makes short work of the bandits and the woman becomes his UI ornament.  Basically, this is how the story begins and it is told in the style of a well-illustrated graphic novel.

Shooting is one the key points of the game and you learn this fairly early on.  It’s a straight up third person shooter with cover mechanics included.  So, those familiar with games such as Gears of War will not find anything particularly new here.  Despite being a wild western game, there are some supernatural elements in the story as well.  Buck not only has to fight off bandits, but vampires and Native American spirits as well.  The overall gunplay is fairly satisfying and there are plenty of guns to choose from.  You have everything from revolvers to lever-action rifles, as well as submachine guns, handcannons and a host of supernatural weapons that would make Van Helsing go green with envy.

Graphically, it’s not bad.  Despite being a mobile game, Gameloft has done an excellent job at balancing the detail just nicely that it looks just pretty enough.  Sure, it might start to look a little poor on a larger screen such as on the iPad, but it looks just fine on the iPhone.

There’s plenty to do in the game so it’s not easy to get bored fast.  You have all the standard gunfighting with bandits if you so choose and everything else from horse racing to target practice missions too.  Oh, and not to mention everybody’s favourite, escort missions are included too.

Controls are all done with virtual buttons (surprise, surprise) and it doesn’t feel as clunky as I would have expected.  The aiming and shooting is fairly easy to do, thanks to the well-placed layout of the buttons on the screen.  There is also auto-aim but it doesn’t make you feel like you are being hand-holded.  You still need to aim at enemies on your own but it just helps you to track moving targets more easily.  Just don’t depend on it to grant you instant headshots.  Incidentally, headshots on enemies behind cover are very satisfying, thanks to the rewards that pour out for every critical kill.

Overall, this is definitely a game that’s worth a try.  If you’re looking for a decent shooting game to entertain you on your next morning commute, this could well be worth it.  I realize that I’ve spoken mostly about the single player only.  There’s a multiplayer option too, but the single player has so much content, it’s hard to imagine even wanting to try multiplayer out until I’m done with it.

Six-Guns is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry, for FREE now.  Try it out for yourself!


Fire Away!

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