Big Stompy Robots, on my phone!

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Gaming
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Recently, I’ve been playing this game called Mech Battle Arena.  I’ve always been a fan of games with fighting robots, and this game is no exception.

Mech Battle Arena is a third person mech shooter.  It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where several factions are fighting it out for supremacy.  In some ways, this game reminds me a lot of the Mechwarrior titles of long ago.  (In particular, Mechwarrior 2)  The setting and the graphics quality are definitely reminiscent of that era.

That being said, graphics are definitely not the strong point of this game.  The textures are fairly low-res, the models lack any form of exquisite detail and even the sound effects are not fantastic.

So then, what’s the actual point of playing this game? Well, it’s one of the few games available on the iPhone with customizable mechs and decent multiplayer netcode.  Sure, you won’t be completely lag-free while playing using cellular data, but on WiFI it’s actually pretty smooth.

The player has a choice of a few different “trial” mechs at the beginning.  All of these come preloaded with a certain weapons loadout and each type of mech has a unique special ability.  All of these also have a different design and appearance, different amounts of shield hitpoints and armour hitpoints and different strengths and resistances.  For example, the mech I used, the Taurus, had a resistance to fire-based weapons and a damage boost to ballistic weapons.  It also had huge comical horns on top, but I digress.

The player also has access to an upgrade tree where they can spend research points to boost their mech’s abilities.  These trees also differ between the different mechs.  I can see they will definitely make the game a lot more interesting at the higher levels.

One big problem I did have with the game is that, currently, close range weapons seem overpowered.  The mech I was running had a shotgun, flak cannon and plasma cannon.  After the plasma cannon had worn down the shields of the enemy, a single hit from the shotgun usually ensured total destruction.  As you can imagine, I quickly became quite unpopular in multiplayer matches.  In fact, after a day of playing, I couldn’t seem to find many opponents who wouldn’t leave the match after getting killed once.  I guess OP weapons aren’t a valid tactic here either.

Overall, it’s a decent enough game.  You can have quite a lot of enjoyment playing this game.  However, it is multiplayer only, for the most part, and if you don’t play on WiFi, you may have issues with lag.  The gameplay is fairly decent.  It’s also free, so no harm done checking it out.

Mech Battle Arena was published on Sep 17th 2013 on the App Store by Glu Games inc.  It’s currently available for FREE on the App Store for iOS users only.  Release date for Android is currently unknown at this point.  Mech Battle Arena was previously known as iMech Online prior to republishing by Glu Games inc.


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