Posted: September 16, 2013 in Gaming
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Hey guys, I’ve just been told about this new game by a friend of mine.  It’s an interesting concept, running in the Unity engine, that was originally made for the 7DFPS event.

What it is, is a fairly original concept.  You have the standard FPS point-and-shoot mechanic with an additional bullet-time-esque time stopping mechanic.  Basically, every time the player moves or presses the left mouse button, time moves at normal speed (in the case of left-clicking, it’s about half speed).  However, whenever the player stops moving, the game slows time down to a crawl.  It doesn’t completely stop, but it’s as close as.

The levels are set out as a sort of puzzle where you have to make use of the time-stopping mechanic to avoid enemy shots, pick up weapons and shoot or melee nearby enemies.  Your shots also move at the same speed as the enemy so if you fire while standing still, your bullets will appear to hang in mid-air and you will need to move, in order to kill the enemies.

It also has an interesting graphic style.  The enemies are humanoid in shape but are colored entirely in red, whereas most of the level is white.  The red enemies brings back memories of Mirror’s Edge whereby the “runner vision” would highlight key items in a very similar looking reddish glow.

Anyway, the trial is available to play online (link is below) and I recommend trying it out for yourself.  It runs entirely in your browser so there is nothing to download.  It only has a few levels but at least one of them is a little tricky.

I strongly recommend this game, especially for anyone looking for something new in gaming right now.

Check it out here!

Also, check out my YouTube channel:

I make gameplay videos and commentaries!


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