So, I was planning out my content for the next coming weeks and I thought I should just let you all know what’s in store.

First off, War Thunder videos.  Here’s a quick list of the videos I’ve got planned out.

  • Basic Maneuvers (Split-S, Immelman, Chandelle, Barrel Rolls, Yo-Yos, and more)
  • Tips and Tricks (Quick airfield captures, Safe Landings)
  • Aircraft Reviews (P40E, Hurricane Mk I and II, B-25, MiG-3)

Also, World of Tanks.

  • Patch 8.8 and all that comes with it.
  • My Favourite Tank
  • Thoughts on the state of WoT as it is now
  • Tank Reviews (Not sure which one to start with yet 🙂 )

And then there’s the First Person Shooters.  Starting with…. Blacklight: Retribution!

  • A walkthrough of my builds (What I use and why I use it)
  • Build Reviews (Builds that I design myself and others I find online)
  • General gameplay montage

…Battlefield 3.

  • Battlefield 4 (lol.  What’s in store and how it might affect BF3)

So that’s what is planned for the next few weeks.  All the content should be up in either text or video format (or both) by mid-November.

Stay Tuned!


Fire Away!

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