The Grand Theft Auto V Launch and my reflections.

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Gaming
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ImageSo we are nearing the launch of Grand Theft Auto V.  This is not actually the fifth title in the franchise, it is closer to actually being the seventh but nevertheless, it is as highly anticipated as many other in the series.

This is also the most expensive video game to be released so far. With a budget rumored to be around USD$265 million.  And what do they have after spending so much?  Well, they have a very good looking game, if the screenshots are to be believed, as well as a game that will undoubtedly produce just as much fun as it does with controversy.

Let’s not forget, the GTA franchise has always been in the “dark side” of the gaming world together with titles such Postal and Manhunt simply because it lets you do whatever you want.

Sure, you could drive around normally.  You could go about your business like a civilised collection of player-controlled scripts and animation… but where’s the fun in that?

I’ve never been a big fan of the GTA series, in fact, I always enjoyed Saint’s Row more.  I just always associated the GTA series of games with the sort of tryhard gangster wannabe types that I used to go to school with.

But one thing that you could never cast aside is that, when it all comes down to it, it’s fun.  The media will say that being able to run down random pedestrians with your car in a game will turn us all into mass murderers one day.  But I disagree, as you would, too.  Because I’m the type of person that gets frustrated with people easily, and as much as I’d like to chainsaw them to death, a little voice inside (I think the religious ones refer to it as a conscience) tells me that a jail term for it isn’t going to be enjoyable.  Last I checked, you don’t get so much as a duck whistle to entertain yourself with on the inside.

So that’s where Grand Theft Auto comes in.  It’s like having a punching bag in your backyard for people who don’t have punching bags.  Or gloves.  Or muscles.  Or arms.  Or…

It’s fun, to me, comes from the fact that I can go absolutely batsh*t crazy on random bystanders to release all that pent-up rage.

I’m looking forward to GTA V’s release, even if I might not buy it straight away, simply because, at the very least, I can sitback and watch the media fireworks once something goes wrong and they can blame GTA for it once again.

I think the people behind the newsdesks just need to learn one simple thing.  When I play a game, I know it’s a game. I can’t jump of 2-storey buildings and walk (or run) away in real life, but I can do it in a game.  I haven’t been shot before with a real gun, but I know it’d hurt… a lot… but I have been shot in games many times without feeling a single thing.  That’s how I know it’s a game.

But hey, people still watch the news and they enjoy doing so.  Would be a shame if they lost viewership over something as trivial as telling the actual truth.

  1. Oh man, I can’t wait, remember the original GTA back in the day? I just can’t believe how far it’s come when you really think about it.

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